Don't Be Fooled - Make Sure you Get your Vat Refund When it's Due to you!

Peter Franck imageMy name is Peter Franck and I'm going to help you change the way you're submitting your Vat refunds and show you how to legally reduce your Vat burden.

I was the head of Vat at SARS, and part of the team that wrote the original Vat law, back in 1991. I also served as a SARS Vat auditor. For the last few years, I've been assisting people like you to avoid Vat traps and minimise your risk of Vat Audits, and have saved them thousands (if not millions) of rands.

On this site I'll reveal how you can get your Vat refund quicker and avoid expensive Vat Consultant fees. You'll get top tips on how to prevent Vat penalties and benefit from lesser-known tips and secrets so that you get every Vat refund that's owed to you.

The Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service, developed and published by Fleet Street Publications, provides practical Vat advice in plain English (with no legalese).

Our Vat specialists have done all the hard work for you. Follow their step-by-step instructions, checklists and many, immediately understandable examples to ensure you know your rights, so you never pay too much Vat or end up with penalties.

As part of your Loose Leaf Service you'll receive two Bonus Reports, 8 legal Vat updates, a lifelong subscription to the daily Tax Bulletin, Online access to past Vat Updates and a Vat Helpdesk. It's like having a free consultant on hand!

You'll definitely find it worthwhile, even if you're convinced of the abilities of your Vat consultant. It's simpler, faster and cheaper to look something up than to wait for your Vat consultant or SARS to call you back.

Yours Sincerely,
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Peter Franck